AXAET Bluetooth Smart Gateway can perform unified management of Bluetooth devices. It supports Bluetooth, WIFI, and NB_Iot wireless communication

APP gateway configuration tool instructions

  • equipment distribution network
1) Press and hold the button on the gateway for about 5 seconds until the blue light flashes quickly.
2)first make sure the mobile phone connects to the route, open the app and click the distribution button on the home page to enter the distribution network interface. Click "Start Add", enter the routing password and click Connect. Observe the device. If the device does not flash blue, it means that the successful app can exit the distribution interface.
  • Configuring device
1) Click the scan button until the device is swept.
2) Click the scanned device to enter the configuration interface, you can configure the gateway name, url, and reporting interval. Then click Save and the device will work according to the new configuration. 

1. If uuid is set to null, it is all zero, then the gateway will not filter uuid as long as it is reported by the ibeacon device.
2. The signal strength is an ibeacon device that filters out signals that are less than this strength.
3. The reporting interval refers to the period reported to the server. If the interval is set to 3s, the gateway device will report the ibeacon device scanned during this period every 3 seconds.
4. Applying this setting to all gateways means that if there are multiple gateways online, the multiple gateways will be configured the same.